10 Outrageous Marketing Strategies That Actually Worked

10 Outrageous Marketing Strategies That Actually Worked

A look into how brands leveraged creativity, technology, and controversy to drive traffic and engagement.

1. Burger King's "Burn That Ad" Campaign

In Brazil, Burger King launched an augmented reality app that turned competitor ads into a free Whopper coupon, engaging users with innovative technology.

2. Cards Against Humanity's "Holiday Hole"

The game's creators dug a pointless hole funded by online donations, capturing the internet's attention with sheer absurdity.

3. Tesla's Cybertruck Unveil

Elon Musk's demonstration of the Cybertruck's "bulletproof" windows, which shattered, went viral, generating buzz and pre-orders.

4. Poo~Pourri's Viral Video Marketing

With humor and a posh spokeswoman, Poo~Pourri's candid discussion about toilet odors won the internet and boosted sales.

5. The Blair Witch Project's Early Viral Marketing

This indie film's website suggested its horror story was real, leveraging early internet buzz to become a box office hit.

6. Red Bull Stratos - Space Jump

Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking jump from the edge of space, sponsored by Red Bull, captivated millions globally.

7. Old Spice's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" Campaign

Featuring rapid-fire humor and social media interaction, this campaign redefined engagement for the brand.

8. GoDaddy's Controversial Super Bowl Ads

GoDaddy's edgy Super Bowl commercials sparked debate and drew massive online traffic to their site.

9. The Million Dollar Homepage

A unique fundraising effort by selling website pixels, this campaign attracted global attention and inspired imitators.

10. IHOP's Temporary Rebrand to IHOb

IHOP's name change stunt to promote its burgers sparked widespread media coverage and debate, proving to be a clever marketing move.